SEO meta

This Odoo module increase length of meta Title and meta Description fields, bring better Google preview and add tips. Putting more text in meta tags help Google to present good search results and to attract visitors.

screen capture of SEO meta module, showing longer meta fields, SEO advices and Google SERP preview.

Meta Title

Odoo limit meta Title to 70 characters, but Google doesn’t have such limit. The 2 real limits are :

  1. for the home page, the site name must be in the first 600 pixels (nearly 70 characters), for the other pages the site name must end each meta Title ;
  2. on the search results page, Google will display only 70 characters (Bing 40).

But meta Title length is not otherwise limited and search engines will parse the entire title for their index. This module allows 120 characters in meta Title.

Meta Description

Since november 2017 Google increased the meta Description length to nearly 300 characters. This module allows 320 characters in meta Description. Note that meta Description is not related to SEO, but to Search Engines Result Page (SERP). Google will not use it for referencing your page but to print its search results, picking around 160 characters relevant to search keywords.


Additionaly, this module will display preview with Google’s colors and truncate URLs and title according to Google’s rules.

Download it on Odoo Apps.