How to export an aging inventory with Odoo

Odoo apps are well integrated. Products datas are shared accros modules, and the accounting module can « talk » very well with the inventory one. Doing everything in Odoo is easy. But sometimes you need just a spreadsheet with your past inventory at a precise date. That functionality is a bit hidden. Here’s how to enable it :

  1. install the Accounting module
  2. enable multi-location inventory
  3. switch to developper mode to see hidden menus
  4. go to Inventory / Reports / Aging inventory

To export :

Quickly done

… but product name, stock and stock value only

  1. on the right of the list view, click on Tableau Croisé dynamique
  2. now click on the download icon (xls file)

Complete nightmare

… but you may be able to export every needed field

  1. from list view unfold all products, check the checkbox
  2. click on Action / Export
  3. click on all available fields
  4. choose your fields, don’t forget inventory moves, quants and associated dates
  5. export
  6. try to play with your spreadsheet
  7. go to Quickly done